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Services Provided


A videotaped interview provided at the request of Law Enforcement and/or DFCS in DeKalb and Fulton counties when there has been a disclosure of sexual abuse, or reason to believe the child has been sexually abused upon behaviors or medical evidence. This interview is done in a child-friendly environment by either the investigating detective or a Georgia Center for Children clinician with specialized interview training.


An extended evaluation, (generally 4-8 sessions) provided at the request of Law Enforcement and/or DFCS in DeKalb and Fulton counties. These evaluations are conducted if a child does not make a disclosure, but there are continued strong suspicions of sexual abuse based upon sexualized behaviors or medical evidence.


After a child has disclosed an incident of sexual abuse and the forensic investigation is complete, the child may receive free therapy services from a trained, licensed therapist at no charge to the family. The Georgia Center also offers Group Therapy for victims of sexual abuse and a Caregiver Support Group to help the caregivers and family members through the healing process. These free services are limited to children who were abused in or currently reside in DeKalb or Fulton County, and for whom healing around issues related to sexual abuse is the primary concern.


The staff of the Georgia Center is available to provide trainings and informative presentations to our community partners that address issues related to the sexual abuse of children. Clinical staff members regularly participate in case reviews and consultation with multidisciplinary team members to insure that the case is expedited in a sensitive and timely manner.

[source: Georgia Center for Children]

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